Who is GivingInsight?

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GivingInsight is a Nourish Analytics product

After many years of developing excel models to help clients analyse and forecast their fundraising programs David Pettigrew decided to productionise and in partnership with Altis Consulting, an excellent analytics company GivingInsight was created. Our software allows an evolutionary approach to development and with the addition in 2022 of cash/single gifts we will offer a full individual giving analytics suite

David Pettigrew

years experience in fundraising

David Pettigrew


Technology & Development

Acton – Advanced Cloud Technologies

Acton - Advanced Cloud Technologies

Benefits of using the GivingInsight tools

It helps you set realistic fundraising goals based on real world data
It supports your decision making
Helps identify and confirm over time your key demographic
You can increase your revenue
By adding expenses you can see true ROI
Use retention data to aid your donor journey communications
Embrace analytics to drive business growth
In the continuum of regular giving, track individual campaign performances
Use to create your annual regular giving budget
Calculate the future value of your existing donors
It’s a tool for business and strategic planning
Develop a business case for fundraising investment
Forecast and re-forecast budgets
Benefits GivingInsight

Who did we design GivingInsight for?

Director | Head of fundraising

Gives you a complete picture of how your fundraising program is performing

Channel manager

Provides an operational tool to manage your channel: both acquisition and retention

Fundraising team

A complete analytics tool to manage and measure your regular giving program


Keep up to date on revenues and expense in fundraising programs


Stay informed on progress of fundraising throughout the year


Stay informed of the outcomes of your fundraising investments

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