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Analytics for fundraisers


About GivingInsight

GivingInsight is an advanced data analytics cloud based software app including informative data stories; infographics, machine learning, and much more!!

GivingInsight is a Business Intelligence (BI), analytics and forecasting solution built for fundraisers by fundraisers. There are two components that will help you raise more from your individual giving donors:

Giving Insight - Alalyse


A cloud based analytics and forecasting tool for fundraising decision makers to analyse their data and plan future strategies; increase revenue; maximise Return on Investment (ROI) and LTV


A forecasting tool that helps with budgeting, business case development, investment decisions, strategic planning, Future value of existing donors.

GivingInsight is a 360° view of your regular giving program in an easy to view dashboard

Our solution

Fundraising is a data led science and successful fundraising requires the ability to view and analyse your data easily.

Fundraisers need up to date, easy to access and use data analytics that allows them to make informed decisions that will increase Return on Investment (ROI) and Lifetime Value  (LTV).

Your data must to be easy to access, analyse and understand to be actionable.

It’s not always easy to analyse your data the way you want to; GivingInsight gives you fundraising analytics at your finger tips.

Only when you have your data insights can you combine that with relationship fundraising to ensure you get the best outcomes for your fundraising strategy

GivingInsight is a fundraising analytics web app dashboard. We designed it to make it easier to manage your fundraising analytics and so make informed business changing decisions to maximise your Return on Investment (ROI) and Lifetime Value (LTV)

Secondly we included a forecasting tool to let you plan, budget and develop investment business cases. GivingInsight uses AI so it allows you to forecast your existing donor base as well as plan future acquisition campaigns.

Right now, GivingInsight is an analytics and forecasting tool for your regular giving program but coming soon will be a cash/single gift module meaning you will have a fully integrated Individual Giving analytics and forecasting suite.

Using an API connection from your CRM to GivingInsight, your data is refreshed daily – your analytics are always up to date reflecting what’s in your database.

What can it do?

Data drives insights. GivingInsight drives fundraising decisions

Acquisition, retention, declines analysis & insights

Donor journey success analysis

Easy access, up to date data analytics for fundraisers

Campaign ROI at your fingertips

Cloudbased fundraising analytics

Budget builder and forecasting tool

360° view of donor behaviour

API Integration connects GivingInsight to your CRM

And much more ...

What's in the Box?

Regular giving analytics

Regular giving forecasting & budgeting

One to one data reviews and advice

Cloud based- hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

24/5 access technical support provided

Quarterly user group

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Benefits of using the GivingInsight tools

It helps you set realistic fundraising goals based on real world data
It supports your decision making
Helps identify and confirm over time your key demographic
You can increase your revenue
By adding expenses you can see true ROI
Use retention data to aid your donor journey communications
Embrace analytics to drive business growth
In the continuum of regular giving, track individual campaign performances
Use to create your annual regular giving budget
Calculate the future value of your existing donors
It’s a tool for business and strategic planning
Develop a business case for fundraising investment
Forecast and re-forecast budgets
Benefits GivingInsight

Who did we design GivingInsight for?

Director | Head of fundraising

Gives you a complete picture of how your fundraising program is performing

Channel manager

Provides an operational tool to manage your channel: both acquisition and retention

Fundraising team

A complete analytics tool to manage and measure your regular giving program


Keep up to date on revenues and expense in fundraising programs


Stay informed on progress of fundraising throughout the year


Stay informed of the outcomes of your fundraising investments



GivingInsight connects to your CRM/database using either an API of manual upload depending on customer preference.

Up to date

API customers have their data refreshed daily


We work with you to map your data fields for best outcomes when using GivingInsight

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