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Analytics for fundraisers


About GivingInsight

GivingInsight is a BI, analytics and forecasting solution built for fundraisers. It has two components that will help you raise more from your individual giving donors:

Giving Insight - Alalyse

Donor analytics

A cloud based analytics and forecasting tool for fundraising decision makers to analyse their data, get immediate insights and plan future strategies to increase revenue, maximise ROI and LTV.


A forecasting tool that helps with budgeting; business case development; investment decisions; strategic planning; shows the future value of your existing donors.

What can it do?

Data drives insights. GivingInsight drives business decisions

Acquisition | Retention | Declines analysis & insights

Donor journey success analysis

Easy access, up to date data analytics for fundraisers

Program ROI at a glance

Cloudbased fundraising analytics

Budget builder and forecasting tool

360° view of donor behaviour

API Integration connects GivingInsight to your CRM

And much more ...

What's in the Box?

Regular giving analytics

Regular giving forecasting & budgeting

1 hour per month of fundraising consultancy

Unlimited users in your organisation

24/7 access technical support provided

Quarterly user group

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GivingInsight connects to your CRM/database using either an API of manual upload depending on customer preference.

Up to date

API customers have their data refreshed daily


We work with you to map your data fields for best outcomes when using GivingInsight

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